About Us

Welcome to the Christian Help Outreach


The vision of Christian Help Outreach is to establish a kind of oasis in the desert-places of our community-lives. A place where needy and distressed persons, fleeing from the troubles and hardship of life, can resort to find a cup of cold water from those who care.


We gather the poor, distressed, widows, orphans and fatherless children at designated centres, and provide them with clothing, food, shelter, eduction, skills and financial support as the Lord provides. In pursuance of this, we have over 300 widows beside fatherless and orphans in Port Harcourt-Rivers State, and in different centres in Nigeria.

Main Goals

Enhance the welfare of widows, orphans and the less priviledge in our society by providing access to education, skill aquisition and medical services;

We achieve these 5 outreach groups:

  • Widows Outreach
  • Education Outreach
  • Prisons Outreach
  • Health Outreach
  • Outreach to Orphans and Fatherless
Through these outreaches, we povide food for the needy, and teach them to fend for themselves

Above all, we lead those we care for to the utmost source of help which is Jesus Christ, our Lord, and helping them grow their relationship with Him



The Foundation will operate with the following core values:

  • Integrity
  • Informed and responsive grant making
  • Accountability to beneficiaries
  • Encourage self reliance on the part of beneficiaries

Focus Areas

  • Widows/Orphans Food Support Scheme
  • Widows/Orphans Shelter Support Scheme
  • Widows/Orphans Health Support Scheme
  • Widows/Orphans Educational Support Scheme
  • Widows/Orphans Empowerment Scheme
  • Widows/Orphans Spiritual and Moral Upliftment Scheme
  • Micro Credit Scheme